I had the chance to sit down (or stand behind a camera if you will) with Adam Wilson, Owner of 1MOA Solutions and have him explain his Combat Operations Data Book. Rip resistant & fully waterproof the book contains your standard data cards, but also includes field craft cards, pages for notes, etc. Where it exceeds other data books, the 1MOA version has additional pages for TC3 protocols, MedEvac requests and more. Pretty much everything and anything someone would need if they were serious about reaching out and touching someone at long distances.

1MOA also partnered with First Spear to provide a cover for the book adding retention straps, pockets, and a dose of general badassery.

Take your precision shooting to the next level with this book.

The CODB retails for $69 (without the First Spear cover) and is available now.

Head over to 1MOASolutions.com for all the details.