I own the Team Wendy carbon fiber EXFIL and have been using it for many months now. In my personal opinion, it is one of the most comfortable and lightest, albeit non-ballistic, helmets out there. That’s why I was extremely excited when I learned that the guys over at TW were introducing the EXFIL Ballistic. Competing with the Crye Precision Airframe and Ops-Core FAST helmets, the ballistic version of the EXFIL will provide the user with Level IIIA protection and weigh in at just under 2.5 lbs.



Team Wendy has kept the same boa fastening system, but slightly altered the other components to make it more serviceable in the field. They have also added the option of a ballistic nape for additional coverage.

Expected MSRP will be somewhere just shy of $1000, but expect street prices to be slightly lower.

At the same time, Team Wendy announced their quick clip system which will allow you to easily attach accessories to the rails, doing away with normal screw mounts. This will make swapping out mission specific gear a cinch.



In the video below, Ron Szalkowski, Director of Product Development walks through the features of the helmet.