Why You Don't Deserve That Free Product 1 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Why You Don’t Deserve That Free Product

by Matt • February 5, 2015

After seeing the crowds at SHOT SHOW, and what appeared to be an influx of “new media” types, I felt compelled to write this article despite the fact that I will probably be ostracized by my own peers for being an elitist douchebag. Interested? Read on.

The Worst Thing I Saw at SHOT SHOW 2015 2 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

The Worst Thing I Saw at SHOT SHOW 2015

by Matt • February 1, 2015

Inevitably, when you enter the massive acreage that is SHOT SHOW, you are bound to bump into products that amaze you, bewilder you, impress you, and then there are those products that make you angry.