FOR SHOOTERS BY SHOOTERS Firelance Media is a creative house dedicated to the firearms manufacturer, enthusiast, and instructor. 

Action Shots

Since we're shooters too, we know how to SAFELY get the shots you're looking for.

Commercial Work

Good gear doesn't live in a studio. Let us give your products the right context.

Video Production

Our in-house team has 10+ years of digital video editing expertise for broadcast and the Web.

Attention to Detail

We are seasoned project managers and will fine tune the details to get you exactly what you need, on time and on budget.

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Some of Our Clients Include







  • Where to start…holy cow. I recall that even before we started down this path that I mentioned to you how much I like your work, and how you capture things; That only continues to ring more and more true. Your video had me laughing out loud to myself it was so good. I’m blown away. The pictures you took of everything mounted on your Exfil are incredible.  I really don’t even know how to say thank you!

Firelance will help you visualize your business!