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What I Learned at SHOT SHOW 2014

by Matt • January 31, 2014

This was not my first SHOT Show, but it WAS my first show in the capacity of photo/video/pseudo-journalist guy. Here are some of the things I learned personally and professionally in no particular order. Mind you, this is just scratching the surface. PERSONAL Relish the moment – you are fortunate enough to be working in an […]

Dakota Meyer Partners with VERTX on FTWGA Clothing Line

by Matt • January 30, 2014

Cincinnati, Ohio (January 28, 2014) Vertx is proud to announce a partnership with Dakota Meyer to develop a co-branded line of apparel in support of For Those Who Gave All. (www.ftwga.com) FTWGA is the brainchild of Meyer, the first living Marine in three decades to receive the Medal of Honor. The overarching goal of FTWGA […]

SHOT SHOW 2014 – Next Level Training

by Matt • January 26, 2014

There are thousands of products out there that will try to convince you they will make you a better shooter. Speak to top-level instructors and they will almost invariably agree that consistent dry practice will help with any shooter’s marksmanship. But there are very few products that span both points of view. The SIRT Pistol […]

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SHOT SHOW 2014 – Legion Firearms

by Matt • January 23, 2014

Legion Firearms has been making quite a name for itself in the past few years for producing high quality, high durability weapons. In 2013, Legion found themselves overwhelmed with orders and found it difficult to keep up with demand. To help remedy that in 2014, Legion has been hiring additional staff to straighten out logistics […]

SHOT SHOW 2014 – 1MOA Solutions Combat Operations Data Book

by Matt • January 22, 2014

I had the chance to sit down (or stand behind a camera if you will) with Adam Wilson, Owner of 1MOA Solutions and have him explain his Combat Operations Data Book. Rip resistant & fully waterproof the book contains your standard data cards, but also includes field craft cards, pages for notes, etc. Where it […]

SHOT SHOW 2014 – Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet

by Matt • January 22, 2014

I own the Team Wendy carbon fiber EXFIL and have been using it for many months now. In my personal opinion, it is one of the most comfortable and lightest, albeit non-ballistic, helmets out there. That’s why I was extremely excited when I learned that the guys over at TW were introducing the EXFIL Ballistic. […]

SHOT SHOW 2014 – Iron Forged Concepts Coordinates With TNVC

by Matt • January 21, 2014

Not every company can provide all things to all people. That’s why partnerships are born. This week I had the chance to be onsite when Iron Forged Concepts was being featured in the TNVC booth at SHOT SHOW and I witnessed two great companies working with each other for the benefit of the customer. IFC […]

SHOT SHOW 2014 – Sweaty Muddy Bloody

by Matt • January 19, 2014

Sweaty Muddy Bloody is doing some of the best texturing work in the business these days. Chad Zeller, Owner, is a master of his craft which is evident by his pairing with Doug Holloway of ATEi, arguably the best machinist of slide serrations in the market. I caught up with the two at SHOT SHOW […]

Silencerco Announces Saker 762

by Matt • January 13, 2014

West Valley City, UT- SilencerCo is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Saker 762. At less than an inch longer than our Saker 556, this new addition to our 30 caliber lineup is small and light weight. Despite it’s size, it offers outstanding sound suppression- as low as 126 dB with subsonic […]


by Matt • January 10, 2014

January 9th, 2014 -Salt Lake City Utah – Desert Tech is pleased to announce a new product for SHOT SHOW 2014 – the Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR), it was announced today by Nick Young, CEO of Desert Tech. The MDR is a perfectly balanced compact auto loading bullpup rifle that gives LE, Military and Government […]