There are thousands of products out there that will try to convince you they will make you a better shooter. Speak to top-level instructors and they will almost invariably agree that consistent dry practice will help with any shooter’s marksmanship. But there are very few products that span both points of view.

The SIRT Pistol from Next Level Training is one such product and has been a staple in many training programs in the past few years.

Initially released as a Glock variant, the SIRT 110 training pistol holds true to form and function of a pistol, but it only shoots red or green lasers (depending on the model).

While the SIRT has been a leap ahead in training, many shooters have been waiting for an M&P version. At SHOT SHOW 2014, Mike Hughes, founder of Next Level Training walked us through the advancements in design for their newest product offering. The M&P SIRT 107 includes a 4 position takeup indicator switch that improves on the previous on/off functionality. Now, users will have the ability to understand the moment when the finger touches the trigger which is important in advanced levels of training especially in competition and law enforcement.

In addition to the SIRT pistols, NLT also offers an AR Bolt device. Using a magnetic pin system inserted in the trigger group, a user is able to train with their own AR and safely shoot nothing but lasers down the barrel. We were told that the AR Bolt system is not compatible with 100% of the customized rifles out there, but it should work with most standard platforms.


The Magnetic Pin Assembly for the AR Bolt

Lastly, NLT has partnered with Centrolutions to provide the LASR System (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) which utilizes a webcam and laptop to enhance your training. Using a standard target or even a blank wall, the LASR allows you to define target zones and will then record shot placement, timing, and even includes various training modes. All results can be saved so you can track your progress. I had the chance to test out LASR and I can say first hand it’s definitely an interesting (if not fun) take on dryfire practice.

I own an original Glock SIRT pistol and use it in my own training and instruction and have found it to be a vital piece in my range bag. Since I primarily shoot M&Ps, I’m looking forward to this newest version.
Look for the M&P models to hit the streets in Spring 2014.