A Reward for Accuracy
Kill Shot™ Target combines paper target training with a Tannerite® reward ceremony

Pleasant Hill, OR (January 1, 2014) – Seen, maybe felt the high cost of ammunition these days? Hurts, doesn’t it? (And don’t even get us started about the fear mongering going on and growing scarcity of ammunition.) So yes, you better make every shot count. To that end, Tannerite® – the first, safest and best brand of binary exploding targets – is taking aim on accuracy.

New for 2014, Tannerite® brand places a Kill Shot™ Target downrange of your shooting position. Two targets in one, Kill Shot combines practice shooting on a paper target with the reward of striking a Tannerite® brand binary exploding target. Kaboom!

Once you’re qualified by nailing the center of the Kill Shot Target, lower the barrel, take aim on the Tannerite® target, and enjoy the celebration of sight and sound. It’s Tannerite’s version of a one gun salute.

Nice shot, pilgrim.

Kill Shot includes one cardboard target with built-in stand (target painted in 1-inch increments) and ½ Pound Tannerite® Target. Six Kill Shot Targets to a case.

The Tannerite® Advantage
Tannerite® brand binary exploding rifle targets are the original and the best available. The safety of the nonflammable mixed composition has been demonstrated by Myth Busters, and is the bestselling binary rifle target on the market today. Remember that the easiest way to ensure safety is to use genuine Tannerite® brand targets.
We wish you good, and safe, shooting.

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ABOUT Tannerite®
Tannerite® brand targets employ a binary explosive used as a shot indicator for long-range firearms practice and training. Tannerite® brand target detonations occur at a very high velocity, producing a large explosion and a cloud of water vapor. Small caliber rim-fire or slow moving pistol ammunition will not initiate a detonation.

In use, a long-range rifle shooter places Tannerite® targets downrange, retreats to his firing position, and fires. The shooter does not have to walk down range to see if the target has been hit, as the Tannerite® will detonate and serve as an indicator.
Since the two components that make up Tannerite® targets are not explosive until mixed, they can legally be purchased in the USA without a license. Tannerite® targets are exceptionally stable when subjected to less severe forces such as a hammer blow or being dropped and they cannot be initiated by any kind of flame or electricity.

Tannerite® is the registered trademark for Tannerite® brand targets and binary exploding rifle targets are patented.