2 weeks ago, if someone asked me to write a review about socks, I would have given them the same blank stare that I give most people when they ask me to do stupid things.
How the hell do you write a review about socks? They go on your feet. They come off your feet. They go in the wash. Repeat.
Mind you , I didn’t realize that over the past several years I have been building to this moment. A sock review.

If you’re not a fanatical gear queer or long distance hiker, socks are one of those things that you don’t really pay attention to on a daily basis. You have a drawer full of them, you take a pair out in the morning, and for almost 15 seconds you have intimate time with foot sweaters. End of the day, you strip em off, toss them in a corner, and hope they don’t stink up the joint.

I have white shorties for working out, some thick cotton socks for winter, and some heavy duty padded Dickie’s type work socks for cold weather all-around training. I think I also own some dress socks, but that’s an issue for another therapy session.

I forget where I saw the initial opinion…I think it was a Facebook friend that I trust…that directed me to try point6 socks. A quick flight over to Amazon to read reviews had me seriously considering a pair of these supposed super socks. “Better than SmartWool” said one review. So I thought to myself, I don’t even own SmartWool, but if wool can be Smart, and these are better, then I want THESE! I had an upcoming 4 days of training with Magpul and knew that I would be outside in temps hovering in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. I wanted to pack light and traveling as much as I do, socks tend to be one of those space killers. My goal was to wear these socks every day for a week straight and see what happened. (I had a spare pair of regular Dickie’s work socks for backup)
What the hell, I thought. I have “special” socks for snowboarding, why not have some “special training” socks too? Worst case scenario, I had some new drinking socks.

I was not prepared for the joy that was the Hiking Tech Mini Crew from point6.


The Point6 Hiking Tech Mini Crew


The point6 socks are “superior merino wool”, mixed with some synthetics so that they are washable and safe in the dryer. They also have antimicrobial treatments so your man-stench doesn’t live on. When they arrived, I tried them on and it was like my feet were being supported by loving, foot-worshipping girlfriends. Thinking that just like in real life THAT joy wouldn’t last long, I went about driving from Maine to Ohio. 14 hours inside my Danner boots and they felt great.

One of the biggest things I noticed was that the socks were very form fitting and did not lose that stretch that I experienced putting them on for the first time. What kind of devilry is this? It’s like a luxurious beard for your feet.

Over the next 5 days, I wore them about 20 hours per day, working on my feet for most of that time white shooting handgun and carbine classes. Even when temps dipped into the low 30s, my feet were warm and dry. The slight extra padding in these (they are only “medium cushion”) helped keep me comfortable day in and day out. On the long drive back to Maine, you could begin to tell that they would benefit from a trip to the washer, but they were in no way stiff or gross. They didn’t smell (I verified every morning) and were still very form fitting. My backup pair never came out of the suitcase.

I’ve put them through the wash now, and they are once again back in fighting form. It’s almost as if they are just as happy to jump on my feet as I am to put them on.

At a street price of somewhere around $15-17 a pair (not a Walmart 6 pack–a pair), these don’t come cheap. However, I would bet that in about 6 months, my once overflowing drawer of used, tired, cotton footrags will be full of point6 socks. They’re that good.

And there it is. I just wrote a review about socks.

Check out the full line of products at point6.com