Over the past year, I have had the amazing fortune to get to know some of the best people this industry has to offer and work on some great projects. I believe that by surrounding yourself with truly good people, you are, in turn, elevated.

I couldn’t be more proud or excited to announce that we have been chosen by William Petty to produce his Vehicle CQB film due out later this year. This will be a full length course of instruction on gunfighting in and around vehicles.

In conjunction with 88 Tactical, a premiere training facility just outside of Omaha, NE, we are set for production to begin in June.

In addition to being a full time LEO in Texas, Will is an amazing educator and even better person. Known for his humble, down-to-earth style, we can’t wait to bring his particular brand of instruction and subject matter expertise to a larger audience.

Stay tuned. This is going to be a Hell of a ride.