BreachBangClear Explains Parallax 1 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

BreachBangClear Explains Parallax

by Matt • June 16, 2016

When I used to be smart and was studying astrophysics, I understood how parallax calculations were used to judge vast distances in space. As a photographer, I spend most of my time dealing with some level of lens distortion while taking pictures. Fast forward to utilizing firearms and you find that parallax comes into play […]

Ahhh, Hypocrisy! Welcome Back! 2 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Ahhh, Hypocrisy! Welcome Back!

by Matt • May 24, 2016

If you’ve followed my stuff for a while, you know that I can tend to be a bit outspoken about protecting artists rights, especially when it comes to copyright. I’ve stood on more than one soapbox, had a LOT of discussions with folks (and peers) with dissenting opinions, and have come to the conclusion that […]

Monday Mission! Support the Team Multicam® Military Charity Initiative

by Matt • May 16, 2016

Kick off the week doing something good for a change, rather than counting the minutes until the end of your next conference call. Team Multicam® is expanding their roster of world-class athletes to include legends like Ricky Johnson and Jeff Benrud alongside current members like Kyle Defoor. Each of the 10 team members has chosen […]

Here's How To Lose History by Being Stubborn 3 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Here’s How To Lose History by Being Stubborn

by Matt • May 9, 2016

My grandfather Buck was born in 1922. That makes him 94 this year. He is still going strong, or so I hear. You see, I haven’t spoken to him in over 15 years, and I know I never will again. As far back as I can remember, I viewed my grandfather as a near mythical […]

Maine Adaptive Veterans No Boundaries Needs Your Help 4 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Maine Adaptive Veterans No Boundaries Needs Your Help

by Matt • February 26, 2016

This is a plea for donations to a charity I believe in. If that does not interest you, feel free to move on, but I appreciate you stopping by. Maine Adaptive is a non-profit organization here in my great state that assists people with all levels of disabilities achieve things they never thought possible. By […]

What We Can Learn from Panteao’s Screw Up

by Matt • February 8, 2016
When this whole incident about Travis Haley vs. Panteao Productions, and the "Did he or did he not ND?" drama began late last week, I started working on a post about it all, but I wanted to see if more facts emerged. I watched the meme's come out, the edited videos, the responses both from [...]

Video of the Week: "MultiCam: One Man Against the SCORE International Baja 1000" 5 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Video of the Week: “MultiCam: One Man Against the SCORE International Baja 1000”

by Matt • February 4, 2016

  It’s all about the story. Every. Single. Time. That’s why we were stoked to come across this video put out by MultiCam® (yes, that MultiCam®) and their coverage of the story of former Special Operations veteran Jeff Benrud. You see, Benrud decided to take on the 48th SCORE International Baja 1000 by himself. No […]

Depression: Not Giving In to the Dark Side 6 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Depression: Not Giving In to the Dark Side

by Matt • January 31, 2016

I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur. I think that is an overused term for anyone that has a good idea. I know true entrepreneurs and they are at a different level than most folks. I am a small business owner that at any given time is searching for ways to improve the business, grow, learn, […]

SHOT SHOW 2016 Photo Recap

by Matt • January 26, 2016

Last week was SHOT SHOW 2016 – the end-all-be-all in product displays for the gun industry. For most of the week I was shooting pictures and writing articles for both RECOIL and Breach Bang Clear, so I put Firelance slightly off to the side. Rightly so, as it was an opportunity that I could not […]

SHOT SHOW 2016 – Media Day at the Range

by Matt • January 23, 2016

Every year at shot show, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) hosts Media Day at the Range on the day prior to SHOT SHOW opening. The intent is to get members of the domestic an international press outlets together where they can interact directly with manufacturers and play with specific products. There is a lot […]