So this video has been making the rounds in the past 24 hours. It is of some Glock employee talking about the upcoming Glock 42. The video on YouTube is “unlisted” but with several thousand views already, I’m sure I’m not breaking any news by sharing here.

I’ll leave the internet commandos to debate whether or not the world needs a single stack .380 pocket pistol from Glock. What I want to talk about is the video itself.

Glock is not a small company. They have a relatively large budget for marketing. Why on earth would they let something like this be released?

Poor lighting, horrible sound, and a talking head (Warranty Tech Supervisor?) that can barely stumble through the talking points and is as exciting as….something that is not exciting.

If I were to release an brand new product to the market, I would want to make sure that the video for it was not being filmed directly below an air conditioning vent with folks clanging around in the background, and that I had a better script with information that exceeded “it runs” and “you guys wanted it”. Of course it should fucking run. It’s a gun. Is the development team at Glock so bored that they just sit around and ask each other “do you know what ‘those guys’ want?…we should ask them and then just make it”

I’m sure Chris Reese is a great person and is good at his job, but he was thrown into this terrible idea. He also points the gun directly at his chest. I’m not a smart man, but I know what unsafe handling is.

For a company as reputable as Glock to let something like this out there, it is a huge mistake and only serves to diminish their brand.

Making a product release video does not have to be a Hollywood production, but seeing something like this makes my skin crawl. As consumers interested in new products from leading companies, you deserve better.