I came across THIS ARTICLE by Matt Hollowell earlier today and it made a lot of sense to me. Especially the primary point:

“Facebook gives us three options when interacting with a Page. You can passively not like (or actively Unlike) a Page, you can Like it and send up another ‘whatevs’ into the universe, or you can choose to Get Notifications, which I refer to as “Love”. But let’s get real and decide that you really only have two options: Unlike or Love. Why? Because Liking a Page breaks the system; it’s a thumbs-middle, and a thumbs-middle is a vote of apathy. A Like says I’ll call you later, even though you won’t. A Like tells a Brand that you are on their side, even though you aren’t. A Like means nothing from you, does nothing for them, and is a worthless exchange of nothingness. Don’t exchange nothingness.”

As a small business owner, and someone that uses Facebook to drive brand awareness I never get wrapped around the axle about how many Likes my page has. The following that I have cultivated is typically very engaged, and I would rather that than have thousands of followers that I can’t interact with regularly.

I really like the arguments made in the article and see myself starting to shed the Page Likes that really don’t resonate with me.

What do you think?