Friends of Pat Rogers Video Recap

Friends of Pat 2017 Video Recap

by Matt • August 31, 2017

At the Friends of Pat Rogers Memorial training event this year, I decided to utilize video more than still imagery. There were plenty of great photographers attending, like Jerry Sarkody, Triple Bravo, and JW Ramp who would be more than capable of capturing the feel of the weekend. Near the end of the event, Special […]

“Vehicle CQB with William Petty” – Coming December 18, 2015

by Matt • December 2, 2015

MattMatt Stagliano is a photographer first, and firearms / outdoors enthusiast second. His work has appeared in countless magazines and online outlets such as RECOIL, SKILLSET, Guns & Ammo, Concealment, Breach Bang Clear, Ammoland, and others. He spends most of his time running Stonetree Creative, a full service portrait studio in Maine when he is […]

Greenside Training Tracker Patch

VIDEO: MDFI Hosts Greenside Training

by Matt • May 4, 2015

A few weeks ago, Trek from MDFI invited me out to Michigan to attend the two day tracking class taught by Freddy Osuna of Greenside Training. My primary goal was to continue my tracking education since I was last with Freddy in Arizona in October, take a few pictures, and generally be around great friends. When we picked […]

Magpul’s New MS1™ – Multi-Mission Sling

by Matt • December 18, 2013

This quietly got announced yesterday, or at least I caught it over on Soldier Systems: Magpul launched their dedicated 2 point sling, the MS1. Have no fear, single point users, because adapters will allow conversion to single point use quickly. Like many, I’ve been searching for a good 2 point sling and have been running […]

REVIEW: The Aegis Belt from Ares Gear 5 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

REVIEW: The Aegis Belt from Ares Gear

by Matt • October 10, 2013

From the Ares Gear webpage: “The Aegis belt (released 2013) is one of our newest designs; customers wanted a belt with the same performance as our Ranger belt, but a simpler “look”. Like the Ranger, the Aegis is 1.5″ wide, and is composed of 2 layers of the same proprietary scuba webbing (3 color choices). […]

Do You Include Books in Your EDC? 7 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Do You Include Books in Your EDC?

by Matt • October 2, 2013

We train hard. We get all the gear, run through drill after drill, and shoot way more ammo than we need to. How much training do you do between your ears? With forums being pervasive on the Web, we can skim through threads and find like-minded people that are outspoken with their opinions and we […]