At the Friends of Pat Rogers Memorial training event this year, I decided to utilize video more than still imagery. There were plenty of great photographers attending, like Jerry Sarkody, Triple Bravo, and JW Ramp who would be more than capable of capturing the feel of the weekend.

Near the end of the event, Special Ops veteran Chris Sizelove gave a moving, motivational, and heartfelt speech about what this event means to him, and how we can all collectively move our community forward. I felt that it was the perfect backdrop for this video.

As more and more folks that never knew Pat Rogers attend the event, there are many folks with mixed feelings, myself included. However, after listening to Chris’ words, it’s hard to not be moved by the sentiment. Pat Rogers was inclusive and wanted to get the good guys trained well enough to kill the bad guys. That was the mission.

With support from companies like Forge Tactical, Presscheck Consulting, the Reston Group, TNVC, the Robar companies, One Life Defense, the Modern Samurai Project, Langdon Tactical, Justin Dyal’s Dialed In Training, and countless others this event will continue the mission of getting the good guys trained with relevant, modern day material.

It’s always an honor to be around so many of the folks that make the fabric of our country so strong.

If you have never attended, do yourself a favor and register for 2018. Even if you don’t feel like you need the training (hint: you do) you will be able to meet incredible people and listen to stories about the man that lived his life protecting the freedoms we far too often take for granted.

Special thanks to the Alliance Police Training facility for hosting the event and allowing Pat’s legacy to impact future generations of patriots.