We’ve had the privilege of  working with Erik Utrecht and his 2000 mile Trek’s Trek: Ride to Honor Brian Terry. We’ve compiled the list of fundraising videos below so that you don’t have to search them out on the Interwebs. This post will always contain the latest videos. Enjoy.

PS. Have you donated yet?

To donate, please visit the Honor Brian Terry website or go directly to the donation page here https://secure.piryx.com/donate/S811v73k/Brian-Terry-Foundation/treks_trek


“ATEi” a.k.a. “The One Where Trek Burns a Gun”

“The Band”

“That Guy”

“Chasing Donations”

“French Girls”

“Q&A Vol 1”

“Q&A Vol 2”

“Q&A Vol 3”

“Q&A Vol 4”

“Q&A Vol 5”

“Q&A Vol 6”

“$10,000 Thank You”

“Ride the Lightning”

“Oh Hello”

“One Cup of Coffee”