When I was out at SHOT SHOW, I had a few minutes to catch up with Chris Costa and he told me about a new product coming out from Thyrm, called the Switchback. A few weeks later, Andrew Frazier, owner of Thyrm shipped me two versions of it, a small size for a light like the Surefire EB1, and a large version, for a light like the Surefire Fury. I’ve been carrying the Switchback daily for about 2 months and I really like what the product has to offer. Check the video below for my full review. You may have seen an article come out recently from David Reeder at Recoil Magazine outlining his experiences. If you haven’t read that article, do it right after watching this video. It explains a lot of the finer points of the buzz surrounding the Switchback.



In a nutshell, the Switchback is a good product that is worth purchasing and for about $20 you can try it out and not have buyer’s remorse. I really like the thought that went into the design and I’m going to keep one on my Fury for now. I’ll probably find myself switching it with the Raven Clip depending on the day. I have quite a few low light classes coming up, including shoothouse and vehicle classes and my goal is to really put it to the test while under stress. Most of us don’t practice low light techniques enough as it is. Buying a Switchback is not going to suddenly change your world. What it WILL do is give you a solid piece of gear for your pocket light and it will make you practice your light techniques more. To me that’s worth the price.