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Training Insight: Just Do Cool Sh*t like Ridgeline

by Matt • May 28, 2018

The firearms training segment of the industry is pretty stale these days. How many fundamental level pistol/carbine classes can you take? Any serious student would say “as many as you can – never stop practicing the fundamentals.” I agree with that wholeheartedly which is why I stopped doing a lot of shoothouse and force on force […]

Lonely Road

Documerican Road Meets Trails Found

by Matt • September 3, 2016

A while back, I wrote about my plans to head out this fall, filming the Documerican Roadtrip. Well, a handful of issues popped up that prevented me from planning and executing the trip the way I wanted to, but never did I give up on the project. As my involvement with BreachBangClear developed, I found a […]