Magpul Throws Some Shade(s) 1 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Magpul Throws Some Shade(s)

by Matt • July 21, 2018

It seems like every other blog post here is becoming something about Magpul. Again, I’ll reiterate, I’m not a shill for them. I just really dig the products, and I write about stuff that interests me. Unsurprisingly, it seems like every new launch from Magpul HQ is something I need in my life at the right […]

Why the Gun Industry Will Be Saved by Magpul 6 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

Why the Gun Industry Will Be Saved by Magpul

by Matt • January 22, 2018

It’s Media Day at the Range at SHOT SHOW 2018 and I am not attending. It feels strange because Range Day is a normal staple of my SHOT SHOW agenda.  As I woke up this morning, with the plastic reality that is Vegas looming over me, I was reminded that my favorite event in product […]

Magpul is Moving

by Matt • January 2, 2014

The news that everyone was waiting for…Magpul has decided to move to Wyoming (logistics) and Texas (corporate offices). Full press release after the jump. Magpul | Unfair Advantage.

Magpul’s New MS1™ – Multi-Mission Sling

by Matt • December 18, 2013

This quietly got announced yesterday, or at least I caught it over on Soldier Systems: Magpul launched their dedicated 2 point sling, the MS1. Have no fear, single point users, because adapters will allow conversion to single point use quickly. Like many, I’ve been searching for a good 2 point sling and have been running […]