Lonely Road

Documerican Road Meets Trails Found

by Matt • September 3, 2016

A while back, I wrote about my plans to head out this fall, filming the Documerican Roadtrip. Well, a handful of issues popped up that prevented me from planning and executing the trip the way I wanted to, but never did I give up on the project. As my involvement with BreachBangClear developed, I found a […]

"Documerican Road": Our Next Major Project 1 - Firearms Photographer | Firelance Media

“Documerican Road”: Our Next Major Project

by Matt • February 15, 2016

Back in the mid 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency enlisted the help of many freelance photographers to create DOCUMERICA – a collection of images related to the state of the environment at the time, EPA activities, and the general daily life of American citizens. There are over 15,000 images in their archive. Inspired by a […]