In this video, I walk through two of my most recent rifle builds: a 16″ version that I put together myself with parts from my parts bin, and a 14.5 inch rifle that I planned out to be a high gun assembled by a professional. Nate at First Due Firearms of Sabattus, ME did the gunsmithing on the 14.5″ rifle and I can’t thank him enough for his help.

All of the components for both builds are listed below the video. Please leave any questions in the comments below.

At the end of the day, these are different rifles for different purposes. The 16″ gun’s purpose was to make good use of my random collection of parts. The 14.5″ gun centered around the barrel that was provided to my by Proof Research. The rest of the components were purchased by me.

These are not safe queens. These rifles will be used in my training and in home defense. I expect that they will get dirty, dented, and scratched so I wanted to record this video as a baseline. I treat my guns as tools and not showpieces.

Several times in the video I incorrectly called the BE Meyers 249 Saker muzzle device the “M249 Saker”. Forgive the slip of the tongue.

This video was a Facebook live session that I did on a whim in my living room. Excuse the less-than-optimal quality.

Main Components

16″ rifle

  • Bushmaster lower
  • Warsport Upper receiver (Provided by Matt Helm)
  • Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 optic
  • Burris PEPR 30mm mount
  • Unbranded chrome lined barrel
  • Geissele SSA-E trigger
  • Geissele MK8 MLOK rail 15″
  • B5 Systems Gripstop (provided by B5 Systems)
  • Magpul MOE SL-S stock
  • Unbranded bolt carrier
  • ALG Lower parts kit
  • BCM Gunfighter charging Handle
  • Geissele low profile Gas Block
  • BE Meyers 249 Saker flash hider

14.5″ High End Rifle

  • Proof Research barrel 14.5″ 1/7 twist (Provided by Proof Research)
  • Magpul MOE SL Stock
  • Springco blue buffer spring
  • Noveske Chainsaw lower
  • Aero Precision upper
  • Geissele Maritime bolt catch
  • Battle Arms BAD-ASS 45 degree safety selector
  • Sons of Liberty Gunworks bolt carrier
  • Geissele SSA-E trigger
  • Geissele charging handle
  • Larue LT-104 QD 30mm mount
  • Trijicon TR-24 amber triangle reticle optic
  • Geissele MK8 MLOK rail 13″
  • Dead Air Silencers brake
  • SIONICS low profile gas block
  • Magpul MOE SL grip